Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Staying at Home

I didn't feel much like going anywhere today.  It was raining shortly after I got up and even after it stopped, the skies looked quite menacing.  Even the wind was feeling threatening.  At first, I thought that maybe later it would break and I would be able to go but as soon as I thought I had a chance, the rain came again in buckets.  It came a total of three times today.

I heard weird sound outside so naturally I went to have a look.  There was a man out there with fire.  He was pulling a canister that looked like a propane tank and attached to it was a wand out of which fire was shooting.  He was walking along the walkways and pointing the flame at all the cracks burning the grass down.  I have never seen this method of controlling the grass that grows up between the cracks in the sidewalk.  Have you?

Just after noon, I heard a knock at the door and it was the mailman bringing my last two boxes.  Now I have everything that I own again under one roof.  It looks a little pathetic.  Others have commented that it must be nice to be so unencumbered.  I can see their point but I still feel a bit sad about the things that I have had to sell, give away, or throw away. 

 Thought you might like to see my fancy kitchen. :)

Then there was another knock on the door and this time it was the "burning" man with another man.  They were here to see about my drain.  Exciting!  When I have taken a shower, I have had to be super frugal as the floor was getting covered in water.  If you look at the picture of the bathroom from yesterday, you will see that the shower floor is one and the same as the bathroom floor.  There is a slope into a drain that is under the shower head.  But due to the fact that it wasn't draining very quickly, the water spread as far as half way across the base of the toilet.  I was only using the water at half pressure and turning it off every second that I didn't need it and even so it was like this.

So the "janitor," as he was called by someone,  took the cover off of the drain and pulled up the trap.  Oh lordy was it disgusting.  It was full to overflowing with I don't care to know what.  He took it outside somewhere and got rid of the slop.

The whole while that he was working the other gentleman was talking to me.  Unlike most of the others with whom I have spoken, he did not have a very strong command of English so it was more like Danglish.   He was pretty fun.  He even said that maybe it was "en rat" that was blocking the drain.

Later on, I heard a familiar sound, the sound of an ice cream truck.  ????  I am out in the middle of nowhere.  So I grabbed my camera and made a mad dash around the side of the building to see whether or not it really was an ice cream truck.  It was.  Sadly, no kids came running out for their treat.  I guess it was a slow day with the weather for him.  Or maybe their just aren't any kids in this complex?  i don't know.  I saw a couple of kids walk through with what I assumed to be their nanny.  They looked nothing like her.  I don't know if they lived here either.

Ice cream anyone?  On a rainy day?

I took a picture of some of the circulars that were in the weekly newspaper so that you could see what it is that I am trying to figure out.  Also, there was one that I just thought was hysterical because the name just doesn't work for my English ears.  Maybe it means something different in Danish.

 ??? Odd name for a place.
Some of the stores available here.

Did anyone listen to that tongue twister that I put in here yesterday?  Did you try to say it?

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