Friday, August 10, 2012

Rain Gear and Rose Hips

This is the view of Haderslev looking across the lake.  It is pretty, isn't it.  Can't you imagine your self taking a paddle boat ride on the lake?

I had a chance to meet another one of my fellow students yesterday.  We walked around the lake and the town together yesterday.  Sadly, I forgot my little money purse at home when I packed my bag for the day so we couldn't go to a coffee shop or whatever.  I only realized it when I was about half way to town.  It takes 30 minutes to walk in so I would have been late if I had turned around to get it.  Too bad.  She did show me proper rain gear to get so that I wouldn't get drenched when the rains come.   She showed them to me at that store føtex that I have mentioned before.  It comes as a jacket and pants.  I think the pants are going to be a great idea because on that one day that it rained for the last five minutes of my walk home, I was drenched to the knees.

Another of my fellow students identified those red berries and they are rose hips.  In this picture, you can see a couple of the last remaining roses on the bush and tons of ripe rose hips.

For years now, I have slept with ear plugs because I have always been bothered by noise when I try to sleep.  Here it is so quiet that I shouldn't need them.  I tried the last two nights to sleep without them.  The first night I gave up but last night I succeeded.  I never knew that I had become so accustomed to them.

I love what we can do with technology now.  Yesterday, in the evening I used Skype to talk to one of my friends in the USA.  It was like she was right here with me and now with the ability to use video, I was able to show her a little of my place.  Very cool.

Nice hotel, wouldn't you say?
Aw, I feel right home in the L.A. sun.
Lovely architecture.

I saw these kids enjoying their afternoon tagging on the walls in the skateboard park.  They didn't seem concerned with people seeing them do it so I presume that it must be an accepted place to do it.  I asked them if I could take a picture and they said it was okay but the girl who was working on the grey one didn't want to be in the picture.  Too bad.

They were putting these new signs up on the roadway as I was walking down the hill.  It says "Watch Out for the Little Ones in Traffic."  They are so bright and cheerful...and obvious.  They ought to work.

After I got home last night, I decided to begin to learn how to use the washing machine.  I had previously gone into the laundry room and seen very unfamiliar front loaders and tons of panels telling me all about Danish.  I felt a little intimidated.  I took a bit of paper and wrote down the words on the machines themselves and brought them back in for translating.  Here is the odd thing.  The machines add the soap etc. themselves.  It is part of the cycle.  That is a new one for me.

Today, I went and got that set of rain gear that was pointed out to me yesterday.  $67 later.  It was a good price though for jacket and pants, as long as they work.  The lady at customer service said they would and that the brand was very well known here in Denmark.  I am sure I will get to test them sooner or later.

There is no two-buck chuck here either.  For those of you not from California, that is a wine that comes from a store called Trader Joe's and it costs $2 and is pretty good for the price.  I bought a bottle here of the second lowest price and it was on sale.  It cost 35kr. which is $6US.  I will let you know how that turns out later.

Some street work in the neighborhood.

I think that these clocks in the windows of the cars are to tell how long you have been parked.  I can't figure out if you put the time that you parked or the time that it would run out.  I had seen them in the windows of the cars that were for sale.  I was curious as to what they were but thought that they had something to do with the fact that they were being sold.  Then I saw them in the regular cars on the street.  I think I have it right.

"I'd rather be driving on Route 66," bumper sticker.  Home.

I opened that bag of salad that I bought the other day and lo and behold, I find that it has the roots and everything!  Wow, I guess that keeps it fresh longer but kind of weird from my experience.  I had seen it in the farmer's market but not at the grocery store.

Just some pretty Lilacs Buddleja or Butterfly Bush (per sister Debbie!) to close for the day with. 
See you!

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