Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adventures Around Town

It was almost 11PM and I went outside only to see that there was still a bit of lightness in the sky looking towards the north-west.  That is my theory anyway.   I think that is even later than I experienced growing up in Canada.  I was a bit shocked to see it.

Isn't that pretty?

Just before I went to bed last night, I went one last time to the bathroom.  I was tromping around in bare feet and felt an odd sensation, heat under my feet.  What?  This is a tile floor.  I have under floor heating!  Does this mean that I also have hot water?  Doesn't that kind of a system use hot water?  Time to test the taps.  Yes!  I have hot water now!  I don't suppose I will ever know why it wasn't there and why it now is.

 My bathroom and you can see the radiant floor heating knob there.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had slept for 11 hours.  Finally, I am catching up on all that missed sleep.  It sure felt good but I hated waking up so late in the day.  Well, maybe I didn't hate it that much.

Today is Sunday and I expected the town to be closed down for the occasion as that is usually the way of towns.  So I go for my daily walk anyway to see the town center.  It is about 30-35 minute walk from my place so I look at the weather report to see what might happen.  It suggested rain for a little bit in the afternoon so I packed up a little bag with my raincoat and umbrella, just in case, and off I went.  

The first thing that I come to are those car dealerships that are just around the corner and was surprised to see that they were open.  Maybe my theory isn't correct.  I see a lot of people doing their yard work.  That isn't surprising on a sunny day and things must grow so fast here with all the rain.  I get into the first part of the center of town and it does look like everything is closed, even the restaurants.  Good thing that I am not hungry.

 The police station

 Danish mailbox and telephone booth.

 The town square.

I continued walking down the same street towards what I assumed might be the center of town.  Eventually I came to a little square that had restaurants open around the edge of it and people sitting outside having a bite.  It is a gorgeous square. 

Must have been a barn once.

Then I continued a little further and came to a water way where there were some people doing a little kayaking in this itty bitty stream, river, canal, or ?  I just looked on the map and I guess it is a squished portion of the Haderslev fjord.  

 Kayakers on the fjord.
 Daub and wattle building.

Old abandoned railroad tracks.

Then I headed back around in a circle to come back to my road all the time hoping not to get lost.  I sat down for a little bit on a stoop to rest my back.   A lady was crossing the road somewhat towards me and as she came close, she said something.  It sounded like ooshegoodel......I don't have any idea.  I imagined that she was commenting on how warm it was. I smiled back at her like I was on her side.  She happily went on her way.  And I got up and went on my way.  Total journey about 4 miles.

 Today's path.

I was relaxing at home and having a bite when someone knocked at the door.  I thought that maybe it was the guy from across the courtyard that I have bugged with questions.  Wrong.  It was a guy standing there holding a guitar.  My guitar.  My lost guitar.  It was back.  Woot!  He told me things in Danish and I just answered things in English and signed the paper.  All was good.  I came in, tuned it up and started playing and singing for a few hours, happy to have something different to do.

I found some of my future colleagues on Facebook and friended them.  I changed my address to Haderslev, Denmark as I guess I really am here now.

I am so in the country that it smells like barnyard out there tonight.  

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