Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventures in the Country

For some reason, I had it in my head that there were around 60,000 people in Haderslev but today, I found out that it is actually just a hair under 21,000.  Well that is double the size of my hometown of Salmon Arm.  Well, that is what it was when I was a kid.  I am sure that it is a little bigger now!  That number makes more sense for what I see around me.  Can we say small?

I caught my first sighting of the mailman today.  He was driving on a little motorcycle on the sidewalks through the complex.  It was the weirdest thing.  I am used to them getting off of their mode of transportation and walking once they get to a complex.  I guess here the walkways are for feet, bikes and small motorcycles.  Later in the day, I saw another person using the walkways for their motorbike and I saw a couple of bicyclers too.

I heard another knock on the door today while I was putzing around the apartment.  Lo and behold 3 of the 5 boxes of my worldly goods arrived today.  Only 2 more to wait for until I have everything that I own under one roof again.  Then that will be one more stress over and done with.  The boxes are in one piece with only one little hole but they are looking a little worn around the edges and quite squashed.  I guess I should have gone with the double walled cardboard boxes.  At least it is better than when I came home from France.  Those boxes were almost double the weight and were smashed and shattered.  I lost some of my stuff due to the spillage, things that will never return.  I lost less then I should have considering the condition that they arrived in.  Some of them came in a giant wheeled cart because the box was no good.

The boxes.  Not bad. Contents unknown condition.

By the way, the tap water here is delicious.  You should be jealous.  I can drink it straight out of the tap with no taste of chlorine or other noxious tastes and smells.  And Denmark does not fluoridate their water either.  Excellent!

Wheat fields across the street.

Today's walk was in the opposite direction from town and straight out into the countryside.  Actually, my doorstep is straight out to the countryside.  But hey.  I put on my walking feet and just started stepping.  You never know what you will find when you follow a road into the unknown.

 Cows in the field across from the driveway.

First thing that needs to be said is that it isn't flat out there.  Well, not completely.  There are rolling undulations to the ground where you can't quite see over the swelling in the ground.  That isn't flat but it isn't the Rocky Mountains either!

Not to far down the road, I came upon what looked to be a rather Los Angeles looking mansion.  Huge!  It had iron gates and warning signs at the drive way.  I gather that they were warning signs because they pictured German Shepherd dogs on them.  Around it was a golf green.  So maybe it was the clubhouse?  It looked more like a home but who knows.

Looks like a McMansion to me.

 These are what I presume to be warning signs.

Right after that, I came to a fork in the road, and just like Robert Frost says, I took the one less traveled.  One way looked like the pavement was a little smaller.  I must admit that it was also because the sign on that one said a word and the number one.  The other said a word and the number 2 so I assumed that something might be 1km down the road of the first.  Decision made, I began walking again.   On and on and on into more country and not much else.  A family of 4 on their bikes drives past me and we all say "hej" to each other.  It is rather nice that hi and hej mean and sound the same.  One easy item for me.

Thistles beside the road.

Eventually, I start to see homes again, a few anyway.  So I think that maybe I am coming into some sort of a little tiny village.  Instead, I get stopped by this tiny but tall building that pulls my eye.  I am a curious girl, you know.  As more of it becomes visible, I see that it is nothing but a 2? story brick tower that is maybe 5ft per side.  There is a sign above the door saying a word followed by museum.  My brow furrows.  I can't help myself.  How is a building this size a museum?  That is near impossible.  So I walk around the side thinking that maybe their is more to the building out back.  Nope.  I come back to the front and I see that there is nothing more than a u-shaped bar going through the door latch.   I am game.  I will take it out and open the door.  I am just a little nervous though.  This seems like a wrong thing to be doing.

 The mystery building.

The piece of metal comes loose and I have to pull quite hard on the hasp in order to get the door open making me feel all the more like I shouldn't be doing this.  I pull the door open and the inside is as small as is possible and looks like...a museum.  There are panels of descriptions around the wall.  There is even a visitors book to sign and another book showing pictures of the opening of this museum.  On one side there are small rungs in the wall going up to a cut-out in the ceiling and another level of the building. 

You can see the rungs on the left wall.

I gather my courage and arrange my bags and camera to climb up.  The very first rung and I am having trouble.  They are spaced in such a way that it would be much easier for someone 6' and above to climb.  Every time I lift my foot to the next rung, I step just a little bit short of actually getting onto the rung.  I get up as far as my head above the floor above.  I look around quickly and decide that I have had enough of that for the moment and cautiously climb back down.  Feet planted firmly on the ground, I feel a little better.

I head back home.

 Center in the distance is my place.

I spent a good piece of time chatting via Facebook with one of my soon-to-be fellow classmates from Hungary.  He showed me a site where one can listen to the pronunciations of words in other languages.  I went and glanced around for a bit and found one that had me rolling on the floor.  It turns out that it is a tongue twister but you must listen to this.
Press the little blue triangle below the word pronunciation to here it.  You are going to be rolling on the floor too.   And this is what I have to learn to speak?

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