Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Plethora of Pictures


It is a good thing that I have my photos of the days to remember what I did because I couldn't for the life of me remember what I did yesterday.  Yeah for photos!

I went back to the Jysk store that I had failed to find open on Sunday.  The journey takes me through an industrial zone of town and shows me a side of Haderslev that I might not have seen otherwise.  It was a lot more active today.  Big surprise, right?  Even their industrial area looks pretty darn nice and clean.  Oddly enough, there was one little house right there in the middle of it.  It looked pretty good considering where it was too.

I got a gorgeous purple bathmat, cushion for my desk chair, cover for my comforter and a pail to use to transport my bathroom bits between there and my bedroom.  If I get a roommate then I won't be able to keep all my stuff spread out like I have been.  There is no cabinet or shelf in there so this will have to suffice.  I got a pretty good deal too.  It was all 200kr.  or $35.  Not to bad.

Pretty cool building from the area.

Lonely little bus stop sign.

 A lady trucker.

Haha!  This is what I used to do in Seattle when I drove for the longshoremen and the rail yard.  It was pretty wild to see a hostler here.  I wished that I could have spoken to the guy.
A seriously effective sign warning against cross traffic accidents!

So after having lived with my space for a week and a half and arranging my few pieces of furniture numerous times, I think that I have settled on how my room will look.  Now these pictures aren't really pretty or anything but you can get an idea of what my room looks like anyway.

I really like having the desk where I can look outside while I am sitting at it.  Before it was placed facing the blank wall.  That might be good for studying so that you aren't distracted but I feel like it is a bigger world when I have a vista in front of me.

Today I met another new student.  He moved in across the courtyard.  Finally, I have some company here.  He came with his dad who drove him here.  How nice is that?  They were heading into town and offered me a ride.  I took them up on it.  Saving 3km of walking?  Yeah!  

So I started to wonder around town some more.  I walked past an alley that looked interesting and just decided that I would venture down there.  It was okay.  Then I turned around to head back out and saw this great conglomeration of buildings at the exit.
Bicycle gang!

Now I hadn't used the toilet before leaving the house and of course, now I had to go pee really badly.  I don't know where they have facilities for the public to use except at the library so I made a bee line there.  After I came out, I was going to have a more thorough look around the library.  I headed up to the third floor and someone started to talk to me.  It was another student who had recently arrived and recognized my face from Facebook.  Wow, two people to talk to in one day.  Be still my heart.  We went for a walk down a new path in town.  

Yes people.  It is the country here!

I looked at the map that I had with me to see if there might be something interesting in the general direction that we were heading.  I see that there is a graveyard.  Well that was interesting enough for me!  I like seeing how different cultures keep their dead.  Don't you?  We missed the entrance and had to backtrack.  Ah there it was.

That is different from what I was expecting.  It likes like a garden.

On the way back towards town center in the city neighborhood, I ran across this crazy custom tractor parked on the side of the street.  I am pretty sure that I laughed out loud.  This is one pimped out mobile and it appears to have a name.  Pussy.  No really!

It just means final close out!  Minds out of the gutter people.  Oh was that just me?

 What the dogs use here.  But why does it have a fleur-de-lys?

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