Sunday, October 14, 2012

Art and Greek Food

Working on their boat.
Jensine, Haderslev

I decided that I really want to do something a little different last weekend so I went on a walk to a art museum in town.  It turned out to be super tiny but being right on the water, it was very picturesque.   There were people out working on their boat just in front of the museum.  On the other side was a great apartment building that has spectacular views of the waterway.

Kunsthuset, Haderslev, Art museum

Kunsthuset, Haderslev, art museum

It took me a minute to find the building as it was so tiny.  There were two large rooms on the lower level with an assortment of old pictures that were of different views around Haderslev.  A lot were just so so but many had great views of streets as they were a long time ago.  Another was actually one of the finest examples of stitchery that I have seen.  It was like embroidery but the thread looked as small as that with which you would do regular sewing.

View from the window

Johann II. (Schleswig-Holstein-Hadersleben)

Stitchery art

After I was done with looking around the main floor, I climbed up the stairs to see what might be there.  I found what appeared to be an atelier and when I went around a corner, I found that there was actually a class working on a still life project.  I became nervous thinking that I shouldn't be up there.  Someone began to say something to me and I was totally lost as to what exactly they were trying to tell me.  I told them that I couldn't understand.  Then the instructor came over to me to chat.  He had a lovely large smile on his face so I relaxed a bit.

He chatted with me for awhile.  His name is Adam Gabriel and he has taught there for quite sometimes as well as being an artist in Denmark.  He even offered that I could come out and see his place.  Turns out that he speaks French as well as he came from Guadaloupe Island.  I had a great time talking to him.

Haderslev fjord

This week was what is called "Net Week."  That is because we have internet students that only come in every so often.  When they come though, our whole schedule changes.  The problem is that our Danish classes are not up for changes and we have to go to Danish above all else.  So, on these weeks we ended up missing out on some things.  But this week we got something special instead.  We got Monday morning off of school!

Kayakers on Haderslev fjord

In the afternoon, we had Danish.  Following that there was a reception at a new Greek restaurant in town.  They served a buffet of their food ans served alcohol, all for free.  Another student and I went.  I thought that others were coming too but after waiting a bit, outside we realized that they weren't coming.

There were many people from town who had come.  We found a place to sit after getting our classes of red wine.  Eventually the food came out to the buffet table and then we went and got our sampling.  I wasn't expecting that much in terms of quantity but this was a full meal.  I took the smallest size portions that I could so that I would be able to taste everything and I barely had room on my plate to accomplish it.

After we went back to our table, another man came and joined us there.  He was very nice, and we got to practice our Danish/Danglish with him.  Then he left to go back to work.

Not long after, two of the night watchmen that I have mentioned in a previous post came in full costume.  They pounded their staffs on the floor and commenced singing a song.  Then they came to join us at our table.  I remembered their faces from the other night.  They remembered me too. So we got another chance to use our Danish.

Wednesday, I went to another meeting of our student council and struggled to understand what was going on.  I was happy that I was able to now pull out more words from the conversation but I still wasn't getting the gist of it for the most part.  I did get one section though and was able to contribute my thoughts.  I had to speak in English though.  I was asked if I would like to be the Vice President.  I asked them if they thought it was okay that I didn't know that much Danish yet and they said that that was alright so I said, "Why not."

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