Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lost Chocolate to J-Dag

First day that I had to wear my down coat.  Frost on everything and it wasn't even November yet. 
Autumn holiday sale: slaughter your own chicken. Now don't get all PETA on me people. This is real life. 

Sometimes the world is a great place to be.  One day, I went to Kiwi to get my groceries.  When I got home, I realized that I didn't have my chocolate.  Not good.  I searched through everything and everywhere three times and then realized that I must have left it at the store.  So I grabbed my receipt and rode my bike back over there.  Oh, but first I looked up the word for forget because I had forgotten how to say that.  I got to the store and told the cashier what had happened and she pulled the bar from her till area.  I guess that whoever noticed it after I left was kind enough to say something rather than just take it.  Back home, I would have expected the bar to be long gone.  Points for Denmark.

This is an ad for fresh reindeer and kangaroo. Again, don't go PETA. I think it is cool and one day when I can afford, I will try them.  I heard that reindeer is good.

Here is what you say for "trick or treat." "Slik eller ballade" which is candy or trouble!
Last weekend, there was an event for new people in town.  I guess they do this twice a year where they bring people to the town hall.  First you get a little historical tour of the town and when you get back, the mayor gives a certificate of welcome to everyone who comes.  After that, there is a little tasting of some local food.  We had some rugbrød (rye bread) with pølse (lunch meats) of different kinds and øl (beer) that was made in Haderslev.  It was great fun.  After the meal we were taken on a touring bus throughout the kommune (region).

This was a tour guide Kim Bjerminggaard. He was a great presentation and it turns out that he is a teacher. Surprise. 

Here is the borgmester Jens Christian Gjesing. He gave me my certificate. Nice gentleman. 

On our tour, I finally saw where the hospital is.

We stopped at Grams Natural History Museum. This is a marker that says it is 10 million years ago. 

Our tour bus.  Sønderjyske Turistfart.  Smiling.

It was horribly muddy so the driver put out a doormat for us to wipe our feet on before reentering the bus. 

Over the last week, I have made three presentations, two using this modern teacher tool called a "smart board."  It is an awesome tool.  You have a giant screen that is hooked up to the computer and responds to your touch on the screen.  The program has a lot of cool things that you can do with it including linking to something on the web.  So you can imagine how great that makes it for teaching when you realize that the students don't understand a word, you can hook a picture to the lesson or a video from the internet.  My presentations were in Danish.  I did one of Karen Blixen, the Danish author of "Out of Africa" and one about Aarhus, a Danish city.

Karen Blixens photo taken by Richard Avedon

Front page of my Aarhus presentation.
On Tuesday, we had an "International Day" and we were asked to give a presentation about our countries.  We put out slides together into one presentation and then each did a little talk about our country.  We then made fun of all the stereotypes about ourselves.  I did Canada, of course, and I wore every piece of winter gear that I had.  It was a lot of fun.

Canadian stereotype slide.

Wednesday, we were taken to the area's school resource center.  We were shown around the facility including the back room where they have all these great boxes full of projects.  We found one that was a dildo box.  I thought that perhaps they had a different definition of the word so I opened it in order to see.  Definitely dildos.  Sex education.  Clearly.  I also found some large hanging canvas bags and looked inside.  They were full of large scale poster board copies of various artwork.  That was very awesome.

There are three of us that are planning on moving into a place together in January when this student housing is no longer available to us.  We had previously gone to ask various places about finding something and they said to come back in November so that is what we did on Thursday after Danish class.  We have an appointment to see one on Tuesday and we have another one to see that a fellow classmate hooked us up with.  They are both in the central town area so we would get rid of the 2 km each way walk.  Woot!

This Friday was J-day.  This is the day when the Christmas beer comes out.  Christmas is "Jule" in Danish.  So I had to go out, didn't I?  And I did.  I haven't done so in awhile so I was due anyway.  I went to Fredagscaféen and had a great time trying the beer out, perhaps a little too good of a time.  I didn't take into consideration that the red labelled one was a 7.6 percent and got just a little too drunk.  Oh well.  It was a very fun night in the end anyway.

Christmas beer.  Watch out for that red one. It is a doozy.
My roommate went to home to Norway for our Autumn holiday and when she came back she brought a few of her favorite things and let me try them.

Brown cheese from Norway.

The label of the cheese.  It is quite salty but good.

Norwegian chocolate.
 One of the other students in the housing here gave me a few things to try from her home country of Hungary.  I have tried the chocolate bar.  I was scared because I was told that it was chocolate covered cheese curd.  Today, I had the courage to try it and it was awesome.  I even found a song about it and posted it on my Facebook page.  Another one of the Hungarians who lives here was floored when he saw the song on my Facebook page because he knows the band quite well.  Life is so odd sometimes.

This is a Hungarian beer that was given to me as well to try but it will have to wait for another day as I have already had too much beer this weekend.

100 Folk Celsius-Túró Rudi -click on this link and you can hear the song about this chocolate bar.

Have a great week!

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